We offer two types of two-bedroom apartments.

Apartment number 23 in The Nautilus has two separate bedrooms one with a king bed and the other with a queen bed. There is a queen sleeper sofa in the living room and a full kitchen with dishwasher and separate dining area and two full baths.

The other option is The Sea Foam Two-Bedroom Suites, which consist of a One-Bedroom Suite, connecting to a Hotel Room. There is a king bed in the bedroom with two Bahama beds* in the living room with an additional king bed in the Hotel Room. There is an additional king or queen bed in the Hotel room and a total of three full baths in this combination. Each sleeping area has its own flat screen TV as well as the living room, making this a great space for larger families or groups to share.

*A Bahama bed is a twin bed at night and a sofa in the day.

High Noon Beach Resort is a commercial transient lodging facility. As such, we follow the rule of law regarding Service Animals set forth by the Department Of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ has emphatically stated and ruled that emotional support animals are not considered service animals. If you travel with a pet that has not been specifically trained to perform a specialized service to help a person with a physical disability, we have the right to refuse your stay.