High Noon was built in 1958 by Mr. Paul Bradley. Mr. Bradley was a pioneer in building small boutique motels along the vacant stretches of beach that were available in those days.

The Novak Family purchased The High Noon in 1961. Paul and Carol Novak moved from Connecticut and came to Florida to operate The High Noon. Back in those days business was very seasonal. The winter months generated most of the income and business throughout the rest of the year was minimal. But Florida was just starting to grow with the coming of better highway systems, the commercial airline, air-conditioning, the building of condos and a trend of people wanting to escape the winters. Little Lauderdale By the Sea was on it’s way to becoming a unique tourist destination.

As the years went by The Novak Family purchased the Sea Foam, The Nautilus and The High Noon Beach House. This enclave of unique motels, all contiguous and all directly on the ocean have become a second home to the many tourists that visit us.

The High Noon Resort celebrated its 50th year of business in June of 2011. At present Bruce and Brian Novak and a dedicated staff who look over the everyday operation now manage it. With their expertise, High Noon Resort has developed a reputation of being one of the best-liked tourist resorts in Lauderdale By the Sea. It is their desire to maintain this reputation for many years to come. Nothing Beats a Family run resort.